Secrets for Having a Healthy + Pleasurable Holiday

Honored and grateful to collaborate with to bring you delicious tips for a healthy Thanksgiving feast!  

Heal Your Gut!

Sharing a good friend’s journey in healing from his diagnosis with ulcerative colitis, a painful condition affecting the gut. We seem to be having an epidemic of gut health issues, from irritable bowel disease to celiac’s to intestinal dysbiosis. What are the most effective ways of restoring balance to your gut, to restore your strength […]

Back in the Saddle fo Summah!!

Well I didn’t quite make a video in time for Spring, as promised. As I shared back in the Fall, I’ve been studying Holistic Health through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I also teamed up with a brilliant cinematographer/ director, Thomas Hale, to upgrade this web series…but while we work on bringing you some brilliant […]

End of *this* New World ;-)

Thank you for being a light-worker and the source of tremendous support and inspiration for me, as we’ve journeyed together over the last year and a half through this web series, New World. As the Mayan calendar draws to a close tomorrow at midnight, I’m choosing to let go this particular form of sharing. Over […]

Become the **One**

What is it you love in someone else? What draws you so powerfully to that person and makes you feel deeply connected? Often, it’s a quality that’s already within you, just waiting to be fully expressed. Where can you place your attention to let your own power and magnificence emerge? You may find yourself unleashing […]

What Part of YOU is Alive and Well?

Transitions transitions. Times of change can bring up intense feelings of excitement, and also loss. If we take a look at what we’re really afraid of losing, we may find it can’t be lost. That occurred to me today when a certain song came on the radio, and I felt an immediate connection with a […]

Being At **HOME** in the Darkness

We all experience the shadow side of life, those moments of darkness we so wish we could avoid. Today I invite you into the cave to experience the truth of who you are. “There is no reason to fear darkness, when you know YOU are the ~Light~” Emotions don’t have to weigh us down and […]

Healing the Wounded Healer

We each have an inner healer. Whenever we feel moved to try to “heal” someone else, it’s an opportunity to deepen our own healing. On some level, people know when they are doing something that’s self-destructive. Our job as healers isn’t to tell them what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Our job is to […]

Made with Love, Mother%*^er!

Sometimes the most conscious among us, lose our $#*%. How does this happen? Why do we lose it like this? If we take a couple steps back, we may find we’ve been withholding important truths, perhaps even from ourselves. We may have suppressed our true feelings in an effort to “be evolved,” and allowed resentments […]

Chakra Shaking Time

Jeanine Abraham is the expert who first brought the concept of “primary foods” to my attention. This week I asked her to share about it more in depth with you. Here is what she had to say: Nourishing the Soul If I were to ask you to name some primary foods I’m sure you would […]

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