Unleash Yourself to Transform the World

People often ask me why I became a doula. Well, there are many reasons, and over the years I continue to discover more and more. The other day I saw a video showing animals who’d lived their whole lives in captivity, being released from their cages. To see them exploring and experiencing freedom for the […]

The Easiest Way to DETOX

Holy Wowza, if you need an ENERGY BOOST, I can’t recommend taking a “Technology Detox Day” highly enough!! What’s that, you ask? I first heard of the idea through my friend Veronica Krestow, www.veronicakrestow.com, who in one of her videos shared she does this practice weekly. All it means is that you go without using […]

Vaccines Part II: A Deeper Look

If you haven’t seen my first video on vaccines, I shared my feeling that it’s a public health issue, and not just a personal health issue. ¬†Upon sharing these thoughts on Facebook, a highly contentious thread followed- drawing over 100 comments. In response, I made a commitment to the community to interview experts on this […]

Baby’s Room Essentials

Most of the women in my doula practice become so connected to their babies by the end of their pregnancy, they’re not so concerned with acquiring all the accoutrements advertised on virtually every baby/ parenting site and publication. But some of the moms in my prenatal classes are a different story. I can’t tell you […]

How “CLEAN” is Your Diet?

As a Nutritionist, I often get asked what’s my best advice for attaining a healthy diet. People are often surprised I don’t tell them to eliminate carbs, or even bread. I don’t tell them to eat more vegetables (which everyone already knows to do). I tell them to take a close look at the SOURCE […]

Why Vaccinating Isn’t a *PERSONAL* Issue

The recent passage of Calibornia bill SB 277, which mandates certain vaccines in order for a child to be allowed to attend school, has created quite an uproar among parents concerned about losing individual freedom of choice. Among those who have spoken out on this topic is Dr. Jay Gordon, a prominent Westside pediatrician, who […]

The *Best* Way to Prepare for Birth

“A woman births as she lives.” Years ago, I saw these profound words on a poster at church, at Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. I believe it was even before I became a birth doula in 2009, but the concept stayed with me all these years. It reminds us that the way we […]

Secrets for Having a Healthy + Pleasurable Holiday

Honored and grateful to collaborate with yummeyou.com to bring you delicious tips for a healthy Thanksgiving feast!  

Heal Your Gut!

Sharing a good friend’s journey in healing from his diagnosis with ulcerative colitis, a painful condition affecting the gut. We seem to be having an epidemic of gut health issues, from irritable bowel disease to celiac’s to intestinal dysbiosis. What are the most effective ways of restoring balance to your gut, to restore your strength […]

End of *this* New World ;-)

Thank you for being a light-worker and the source of tremendous support and inspiration for me, as we’ve journeyed together over the last year and a half through this web series, New World. As the Mayan calendar draws to a close tomorrow at midnight, I’m choosing to let go this particular form of sharing. Over […]

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