If you haven’t seen my first video on vaccines, I shared my feeling that it’s a public health issue, and not just a personal health issue.  Upon sharing these thoughts on Facebook, a highly contentious thread followed- drawing over 100 comments. In response, I made a commitment to the community to interview experts on this topic including a variety of perspectives …but my collaborators and I quickly realized there was much more to explore than could be represented in interviews on my web series.

So we are setting out to create a documentary, exploring the layers of this heated debate, so parents can make sense of all the disparate info that’s out there, and so we can all come together to support what’s best for all kids.

If you’re a parent-to-be or new parent and need support finding your truth around the myriad of choices you’re facing and the plethora of opinions available, checkout my Embodied Heart Program, a 10-Week Journey where you are guided through every aspect of preparing for conception, the type of birth you wish, and a happy and healthy postpartum period.  Details are available under the “Offerings” tab above, and feel free to contact me for a complimentary 20 min. phone consultation.

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