Give birth to a life you love

I’m Ivy Joeva, your personal consultant for birth and beyond

Having assisted women and families birth at home and in-hospital since 2009, I firmly believe “EVERY birth is a good birth.”  That’s why I’m passionate about encouraging you to find your own voice and values, armed with accurate information and a strong arsenal of tools for labor and life.

My decade of experience in the fields of mind-body medicine, women’s health and integrative nutrition has taught me:  your body is the teacher, and has the answers.  I support you in attuning to your body’s messages and innate healing abilities.  Just as no two births are alike, no two women are alike.  That’s why our work together is uniquely tailored to your needs, utilizing a variety of modalities from both contemporary and holistic medicine.

I’m here for you, as your personal consultant for fertility, birth and beyond. From my experiences assisting women in childbirth since 2009, what I know for sure is:

“A woman births as she lives.”

Meaning that the same practices that prepare you for birth, support you to live your most joyful, abundant life. And by living this way, you naturally lay the foundation for having a positive birth experience. Just like life, birth can be unpredictable and at times mysterious. No one can control how everything will unfold, but by choosing to be prepared, supported, and resourced, you can claim your birth as a transformational rite of passage.

Why do I care about offering the tools you need for a satisfying birth and life? Because I believe that confidant and thriving mothers create happier families and a kinder, more peaceful world. And I’m passionate about both facilitating healing, and shedding light on important issues facing our world today. Through my experiences traveling both nationally and internationally as a journalist, I’ve seen first-hand that the way we raise our kids, becomes the world in which we live. You make some of your most important parenting decisions for your child, before you give birth.

Birth is not only the birth of your baby, but a portal to being your most powerful, creative self. My wish for you is that you embody the woman you were born to be, trusting your heart, your body, and your mind.   It’s my honor and privilege to hold the lantern light for you as you find your way… through giving birth to your family, to your most radiant self, and to a life you love!


“Ivy was professional, caring and knowledgeable, I could really tell that she genuinely wanted me to feel better. She is very intuitive and listened to my concerns. Ivy has many gifts and knowledge in alternative healing and ways of living and I enjoyed our conversations and her guidance…. Ivy is there to create a sacred and healing environment, and it is lovely.”

~ K.S., North Hollywood, CA

Ivy Joeva, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Registered Yoga Therapist and the NutritionistSome fun facts about me:

I’m a graduate of UC Berkeley and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

My titles include: Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Midwife’s Assistant, Registered Yoga Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master.

I serve as the Nutritionist for the Berlin Wellness Group*

I was blessed to train under the legendary Judy Chapman, in her final class of Birth Doulas before she retired and closed the Chapman Family Center.

As an anchor and reporter for Channel One News, I covered the historic Peace Accords in Northern Ireland from Belfast. Between 2008-2209, I was the host for Current TV’s “How We Love,” a series on romantic relationships. I currently serve as the host of Tomorrow’s Roundtable,” a roundtable discussion with 9 and 10 year olds on topics like poverty, global warming, and the education crisis.