We live in a society that emphasizes goals, achievements and clear direction as markers of success. Problem is, sometimes life doesn’t present herself in boxes that can be checked…. there are grey areas and times when circumstances are so colorful they can’t be reduced to blacks and whites. Because we’ve been conditioned to believe we should know where we are and where we’re headed at all times, it’s easy to lose sight of the magic that’s possible within uncertainty. It’s easy to give up our sense of adventure.

But as soon as we relinquish that, we give up our connection to ourselves. No matter where we may find ourselves, no matter where the river of life may be flowing, and no matter whether the destination is in sight…. the truth is, we are all headed towards the same place: death.

So why spend the journey fixated upon labels and titles and attempting to define the undefinable? There’s a beauty to being lost. I find, it’s only then that you can really find yourself. So go easy on yourself, take your time, and above all ENJOY it. When we look back on our lives, it’s going to be how much we laughed, how much we loved, how much fun we had, that determines how we feel about our life….

You may not know where you’re going exactly, but you can reach inside and find yourself. It may come with its share of disappointment and heartbreak, so don’t rush it! No matter where you end up, you’re gonna be taking yourself with you, so might as well practice enjoying yourself now……

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