Feeling jealous is one of those wonderful experiences that is not exactly fun…. but if used properly, it can propel us into the life of our dreams.

When you notice a tinge (or deluge) of jealousy, it’s actually a powerful gift. It’s there to show you what you really want. Which is a good thing to know, right? And beyond that, it’s showing you that perhaps unbeknownst to you, you don’t really think you’re gonna get what you want! That’s a crucial awareness to have, because that limiting belief is likely the very thing that’s blocking you from having whatever it is you want.

So by shining the light of awareness on your underlying beliefs, jealousy allows you to break through your limiting thought patterns and open up to the greater possibilities that lie beyond. But the party doesn’t stop there!

The real test for all this is to transform those pangs of jealousy into happiness and excitement. Be downright giddy for the folks who seemingly have it all, and you open the door for yourself to their world. This is fake it till you make it time, baby. It’s important not to skip this portion of the festivities, because this is where you get to broadcast to the universe that you’re absolutely down to have what you want and not afraid to get down with it 🙂

Let me know how this works for you! Where in your life are you prone towards jealousy? What is it that you truly want, and how can you shift your beliefs to receive it?

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