Music has powerful healing qualities, which have been documented by research. Beyond that, it can be a wonderful tool for connecting with our emotions, sense of meaning, and deeper selves. The next time you find yourself feeling moved by a piece of music, take note (no punn intended 🙂 and make sure to record it in your memory.

Relish the experience of letting yourself steep in the sounds, and allow them to enter your body on a cellular level. Doing this can re-imprint your central nervous system, allowing you to achieve deeper states of relaxation, which in turn helps heal over-worked adrenal glands. Healthy adrenal glands contribute to increased energy throughout the day, a healthy libido, and more restful sleep during the night.

In this webisode, I share an article by legendary birth doula Penny Simkin in which she shares the benefits of singing to your baby during pregnancy. The same way a special song can soothe a newborn, we can sing to bring out the best in ourselves. Whether you’re desiring a boost in energy, needing to let out pent-up emotion, or singing for pure joy, let yourself sing out! Connect with your unique essence through song, and experience the healing and inspirational effects of this practice.

What’s your favorite music to move to? What’s your go-to song when you just need to sing? What’s a song that takes you to a happy place, no matter what the circumstance?

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