Most of the women in my doula practice become so connected to their babies by the end of their pregnancy, they’re not so concerned with acquiring all the accoutrements advertised on virtually every baby/ parenting site and publication.

But some of the moms in my prenatal classes are a different story. I can’t tell you how often these poor women come in within weeks of their due dates, nearly in tears from the stress of worrying whether they have all the right baby items! All the hype is enough to drive a mom-to-be nuts!

On another note, a friend of mine who lost her baby in a still birth shared she wished that rather than focusing on checking items off a list as her due date drew near, she had just enjoyed her baby during that time. How’s that for a reality check? Often grief reminds us of what’s really important.

Wanna know how many “things” you need once your baby arrives?

….Big fat ZERO!

Actually if we’re gonna get technical, you need cloth- for burping baby, baby blankets, and for making into diapers. But that’s seriously it. And if for some reason you forget that one item…most people have old cotton sheets/ shirts lying around that will do the trick in a pinch!

All kidding aside, the main thing a new mom needs is support- and if mom’s supported, baby’s happy and everyone’s happy. So focus on connecting with the people who matter most in your life: your baby, your partner, your loved ones. If you decide a few weeks after delivery you gotta have that fabulous changing table, chances are Amazon will still be making deliveries.

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