As much as it’s important to be able to see the beauty in the world, open up to receive it and share it with others, it’s also important to be aware of the events that are not so beautiful. Why? Well let me put it this way: if you were being held at gunpoint on a busy street, would you want people to just walk on by, believing it wasn’t their problem? Would you want them to sit there and meditate, believing that would magically cause your attacker to have a spiritual epiphany and drop the gun? Probably not….

We live in a culture where on the one hand, our media often exploits tragedies and bombards us with horrifying images. And yet on the other hand, here in America we have a tendency to focus on our own lives and overlook important issues facing the world. There is a pervasive, unconscious “ignorance is bliss” mentality, which I’ve noticed not only in my community in general, but also amongst close friends, and it’s made me look inside and notice where I myself have turned away from being more aware.

It can be difficult to follow current events without taking on the negativity and allowing ourselves to feel powerless and even depressed. And with so much news available at our fingertips, it can be a full time job to stay up-to date on global issues. I’m not saying we need to become news junkies, or even seek out information in the news. What I am saying is that as a community we need to open our eyes, open our hearts, and become more aware. That means when an issue is presented to us, take note. Look into it if it’s something that moves you, and take opportunities to speak out and share it with others.

If you feel inspired to do more, great! But know that just by raising your own awareness and speaking your truth to the people around you, you are being a positive force for change on this planet. The power of collective awareness is huge, and one that is easily underestimated. So don’t let a sense of powerlessness stop you from having the impact that is your birth right. As one of the most privileged nations on this planet, we have a responsibility to speak for those who are less fortunate.

Do you feel like your community is generally aware of what’s happening in the world? How important do you think it is to be informed on these issues? What is one small change you’re willing to make to stay better informed? How can you help inspire those around you to do the same?

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  • Andrea

    I enjoyed this post, and the passion behind it. I have also struggled with how in-tune to be to often depressing global events. The middle-ground I have found is print/electronic media – newspapers and the internet – which allows me to filter through multiple sources, and focus on larger general issues without getting bogged down as much by every murder or crime listed on the evening news. For me, this awareness feeds into my abundance, because it reminds me of just how lucky I am. I say a prayer of gratitude every day for water – I have access to unlimited amounts of clean, hot, water, in my home. The enormity of that single blessing overwhelms me daily. I think staying in touch with the world on some level can help us remember just how lucky we are, and how numerous are blessings are. I think it also helps us see some of the places in the country/world that are in desperate need of help; then instead of feeling depressed by those needs, we can look at them as a gift, an opportunity to use our gifts and blessings. We don’t need to fix every problem or save every person, just one. That’s doable, that’s not overwhelming. Look at the news as a search for where to share your abundance. 🙂

    • Ivy

      I love these ideas! Focusing on gratitude and sharing our blessings. What a wonderful perspective to bring to 2012~ thank you Andrea!

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