When we have a breakdown, it can feel like a setback. But the truth is, these are powerful opportunities to deepen our self-awareness, strengthen our love for ourselves, and clarify the vision we’re growing into.

Seeing the breakdown as a gateway to a more powerful version of ourselves is the first step. We can use a few different approaches to move through these challenging times. While we each have both masculine and feminine energy, we can choose which type of energy to employ based on what feels best for the situation. I see the more active, “warrior” approach as the masculine mode of transformation, while feminine energy calls us to transform through opening to “what is” and allowing ourselves to soften and surrender.

For example, a breakdown that involves feelings of anger may have you stomping the floor, beating a pillow, etc, to move the energy through you, while a breakdown surrounding feelings of despair and grief may move you to lie down, breathe, and allow the tears to flow until the feelings dissolve into a deep sense of peace.

Another tool that I find helpful is stream-of-consciousness style writing. Do not try to form sentences or coherent thoughts- this is not to be re-read under any circumstances. Let the feelings, judgments, and thoughts flow onto the page and release them.

What ways have you found to move through a breakdown?

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