There are all kinds of bacteria—both “good” and “bad—-flourishing in our gut at any given time. The key is maintaining the proper balance of these different types of bacteria. When the bad bacteria multiply too much, it allows yeast to proliferate, which in turn reduces the number of good bacteria present. Conversely, cultivating good bacteria in your gut keeps the bad bacteria in check, and prevents yeast from getting out of hand. Along with getting plenty of rest and avoiding too much stress, there are a few lifestyle choices that can help the good bacteria thrive:

1- Exercise- get moving to keep things moving along!
We want to stay regular to avoid food sitting in the intestine too long, which can provide a breeding ground for bad bacteria as well as yeast.
2- Eat fresh, wholesome foods, and avoid processed ones.
This helps strengthen your digestion and elimination, which helps your body keep bad bacteria in check.

3- When your belly needs a boost, try supplementing with a high quality probiotic. I like:

A happy belly is a healthy one, and just a few simple adjustments can help make it that way.

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