This is part Two in a five-part series on how the yearly seasons are mirrored within our own bodies.

The first season, or beginning of the cycle, is menstruation, which is a reflective, restorative time. So just like in winter we tend to go inside and curl up and “hibernate,” that’s the time in a woman’s cycle when it’s really important to take that time to recharge and go within. In many cultures, they believe a woman’s intuition is heightened during this time and it can be a powerful time if you take the time to slow down and connect with what your intuition is telling you, in whatever area of your life needs attention.

If we’re not in tune with our “internal” seasons and just trying to maintain the pace of linear, masculine society it can be easy to miss out on the potential power of the winter season. What can you do to honor yourself during the your own personal “winter?” If you have a female partner, what can you do to help support her through this particular season?

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