As a Nutritionist, I often get asked what’s my best advice for attaining a healthy diet. People are often surprised I don’t tell them to eliminate carbs, or even bread. I don’t tell them to eat more vegetables (which everyone already knows to do). I tell them to take a close look at the SOURCE of their food.

Where are your veggies coming from? How was your meat raised? What kind of farms raised the cows from which your milk/ cheese/ yoghurt came?

These are the tough questions… and the far more important things to look at, when it comes to eating a clean diet.

And all this is all the more important for pregnant and postpartum moms, and families hoping to conceive. Toxic residue from pesticides, conventionally farmed meat and dairy, and GMO foods impair our digestion, immune function, and hormonal balance, and are even more dangerous for developing babies.

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